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Time and resources are of the essence more than ever and engaging a results-driven firm like Management Search Links means getting the best in experience, expertise, and expediency.

With 30+ years Top Gun Leadership Search Experience, a large database of outstanding connections of business professionals with solid records of success, MSL is your direct link to talent that can accelerate growth, shareholder value, and improve the bottom line.

It Begins with Listening:

Tell us your needs and we’ll take it from there. Searching, identifying, and vetting the ideal candidates whose skills and abilities best benefit you while ensuring their career goals and values align with your company culture and vision. Our service expedites your hiring process and timeline as you consider only the highest quality candidates, rather than wading through a lengthy and often futile search. But we don’t stop there. We follow up through the hiring and onboarding process to ensure you’ve obtained the desired outcome.

A Reputation for Innovation and Results:

Our innovative approach to connecting the best clients and candidates – the cornerstone of our executive selection consulting service – puts us in an enviable position. Broader opportunities are discovered, such as referrals to subject matter experts and professional service providers, lead information for acquisition minded firms, and other collaboration and development possibilities.

About Management Search Founder Stefan Levy

 Anyone can send the resume of a candidate to a company with an open position. But it takes a special blend of industry knowledge, insight into the human psyche, and true devotion to the craft to become a leading consultant in executive selection – matching companies in need of talent with outstanding candidates.

Stefan Levy, President and founder of Management Search Links has personally identified and facilitated the placement of thousands of professionals for companies, organizations, and unique board, leadership, and project positions.

Acknowledged as an industry leader, Stefan has been described as highly innovative within the search and strategic interlinks community and has contributed to, or been quoted by, NBC News, Crain’s Chicago Business, Dundee Post, Fordyce Letter, National Association of Personnel Consultants, Live Your Passions e-books, and Risk Radio among other media outlets.

Benefit from Our Extensive Collaborators and Connections

Our personalized service is just the start. Over the years, Stefan has built and maintained a robust network of experts in the financial, tech, and cyber world that further enhance his matchmaker skills in augmenting joint ventures, strategic alliances, Board Members, and M&A partners.

We are proud to consider these individuals as part of our brain trust: collaborators, advisors, and connectors. Their expertise can be made available for your projects.

Kent Nelson – Chairman of the Board of INSTEC Corporation
Insurance Information Technologies
Chief Strategy Officer, Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions
Marsh McLennan, Aon, A.J. Gallagher, Frank B. Hall\

Adjunct Professor of Management at Northern Illinois University for 10 years.
Numerous board and advisory positions. Director, Chicago Crime Commission.
Kent has orchestrated over 50 insurance organizations buy/sell/partner transactions.

Kent may be reached at: KN@SrchLinks.com

Kevin Hart
Security, Cybersecurity, AML, counter fraud and counter terrorist finance, technology transformation

Leadership positions included CEO, Chief Actuarial Executive, CFO, COO, Senior VP Strategy, and leadership of global Special Investigative Units.
25+ years management and advisory experience serving the intelligence, defense, special operations, law enforcement and private sector enterprise in operations, finance, digital transformation globally. Holds the highest security clearance rendered in the private sector.

Kevin may be reached at: KH@SrchLinks.com

Steve Martindale, CPA

Board Member, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer 

Ohio Department of Insurance Chief Regulatory Officer
Previously with KPMG, working with investors, analysts, board directors, executive management, government leaders, regulators, reinsurers, brokers, attorneys, actuaries, information technology professionals, vendors, banks, agents, and staff.

Steve may be reached at: Link@SrchLinks.com

Jeff Stempora

CEO, President, Certified Corporate Board Director,  Enterprise Strategy Officer

Increased revenue growth $1.1B.
Realized $38B in top line growth.
Corporate turnarounds, startups, MA, divestitures, growth strategies and sale of enterprises.

As Senior Executive, drove top line growth in companies including Erie Insurance Group, Citi, and State Farm by leveraging business process and technology. Brought groundbreaking patents and products to marketing including Smarthome insurance, cyber insurance, AI, SaaS based products, and cognitive based insurance.

Jeff may be reached at: Link@SrchLinks.com

Management Search Links specializes in matching uniquely skilled candidates with precise opportunities across industries including:

  • Insurance & Insurance Technology
  • Cyber Systems Security
  • Analytics
  • ERM
  • IT and other Technology-driven tools, products & services


Successful M&A augmentation projects include acquisition of an Illinois technology manufacturing company by Cerulean Fund, and acquisition of a highly profitable Illinois-based insurance agency by Assured Partners Inc.

Developed and launched the Management Search Franchise program

Data Search, a professional search firm focused upon IT.
Big Cat Search, focused on the Construction Industry.
Management Search West, a California-based search organization.
Engineering Search, focused on engineering and manufacturing management search.
Accounting & Finance Search, focused on financial industries.
Legal Search, focused upon corporate attorney search.

Stefan’s background includes work as a licensed real estate broker and participation in the purchase of a group of National Historic Buildings and completed extensive historic renovations to serve as Management Search HQ.

Management Search Chicago
Management Search HQ Bank Building (robbed by Tom Hanks in movie “Road to Perdition“)

Board Member for The Blues Foundation and construction of the Blues Hall of Fame.

Stefan holds a degree in Communications from the University of Illinois, where he founded the university radio and TV stations and served as president.

Contact Stefan at 847.921.8800 or SL@SrchLinks.com